Alan T. Hoover is a Michigan Veteran, a family man, & the leader Michigan's 8th District needs.

Alan T. Hoover is a Michigan Veteran, a family man, & the leader Michigan's 8th District needs.

Born in St Joseph's Hospital in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

ALAN T. HOOVER- A MICHIGAN VETERAN, FAMILY MAN, & THE LEADER MICHIGAN NEEDS.Son to a single mother and brother of two younger sisters, all survivors of physical abuse. Growing up, his mother relocated Alan and his sisters many times in order to escape abuse and to pursue a better life. Alan attended 16 different schools from kindergarten through high school, he was a ward of the state for a span of five years in foster care and grew up in more than 16 different cities throughout Michigan. At age 16 he took a year off from school to work helping to support his mother and sisters. From an early age, Alan learned the importance of demonstrating resilience, courage, and refusal to give up in face of anything life could throw at him.

During his junior and senior years, River Rouge High School employed Alan as a network administrator in charge of 250 desktop workstations. He maintained the school’s server and trained 4 other students to help maintain the network for the school. During his senior year, aspiring to become a leader and affect community change, he ran for city council in the city of River Rouge. Although he did not win the race, he was the youngest candidate in city history. Later that year, he answered the call to become a US Marine, which evolved into a lifelong commitment. 

He served in the United States Marine Corps as a Reservist for 20 years volunteering for 5 deployments consisting of combat and support of combat operations roles. He has experience with many diverse cultures including 19 Countries globally as a Foreign Security Force Adviser. Alan served in Iraq 2006-2007 with Michigan's own Marine Infantry Battalion 1st Bn 24th Marines under the command of Regimental Combat Team 5, Fallujah Iraq, Al Anbar Province. He has also spent time in South East Asia, the Kingdom of Jordan, and Northern Africa. Through his military service, Alan has adopted the Marine Leadership Principles and strives to apply them in his daily life.

Alan is an entrepreneur who has always believed in hard work. He has started 3 of his own companies and worked as a former UPS union member where he was promoted to management for nearly 6 years. He worked as a general contractor and laborer for 10 years in home construction and spent 6 years as a contractor in the Veteran’s Internship Program for Big Three Auto where he conducted analyses within Product Development and Engineering while advocating for veterans. Alan played a key role in paving the way for higher pay and more jobs for veterans within the Big Three Auto Industry. Alan values creating opportunities for the people of Michigan as well as shining a light appealing to veterans from around the country.

While attending the University of Michigan Dearborn Campus in 2013, he was a lead organizer for student veteran advocates. He assembled a team of Veterans, members of Student Veterans of America (SVA), as an Officer to start the movement that ultimately became a catalyst for Congress to pass H.R.3230 to change in-state tuition policy for all student veterans within the US. Under the new bill, veterans and their dependents are now recognized as "in-state" tuition-based students instead of the more expensive "out of state" tuition. This positively resulted in saving the taxpayers and the Veterans Affairs (VA) millions of dollars on education. The bill assisted student veterans with thousands of dollars in tuition that would have otherwise been subsidized by yellow ribbon programs, scholarships, or out of pocket expenses such as student loans. Alan graduated earning his bachelor’s in business administration in 2018 and is currently working toward his Master’s in Business Administration.

Alan and his wife Lara are committed to helping others. Alan volunteers by visiting with homeless veterans, disabled veterans, and people in need. You can sometimes find him at the Detroit VA spending time with permanently residing Veterans. Alan’s wife is passionate about mental health issues. Lara started her own company that specializes in training service dogs for veterans and those who struggle with mental health issues such as anxiety,  depression, and PTSD.

Alan is a Marine Veteran who understands, leadership, technology, business and the importance of lifelong learning. Alan has spent his entire life overcoming adversity and challenging to improve himself and those around him.  He is a man that truly understands the struggles and values of both blue- and white-collar workers. He has walked in both of their shoes. His unique perspective brings a new dynamic to the 8th District allowing him to best serve people from all walks of life. Alan will make Michigan strong by helping families, creating opportunities, and promoting the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America.